House Call Interdisciplinary Team of the Year Award


AAHCM delivers on the promise of interdisciplinary, high-value health care in the home for all people in need by promoting the art, science, and practice of home care medicine. The AAHCM House Call Interdisciplinary Team of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding interdisciplinary team that has made significant contributions to the delivery of quality healthcare to homebound patients, and demonstrates the important value of a team in the field of home care medicine. A team must be made up of at least three providers (i.e. NP, PA, physician, social worker, physical and occupational therapist, pharmacist), at least one member of the team must be an AAHCM member.


A minimum of one nominee must be an AAHCM member in good standing. Self nominations are accepted. Current members of the AAHCM Board of Directors or AAHCM Awards Committee are not eligible to be nominated for this award.

Submission Directions

All nominations must include a brief bio of each team member and 2 reference letters. Supporting documentation such as formal commendations, citations, or awards, newspaper or magazine articles, or other media-related profiles will be accepted, but shall serve only as evidence to support the nomination, and are NOT required. An institution may not submit more than two award submissions per awards cycle. National institutions will be defined by state. Should the Awards Committee receive more than two award submissions from the same (state) institution, the burden of submission selection will fall on the submitting institution.

Past Winners

2023 (inaugural award) - Housecall Providers: Ashley Schumacher, NP Crystal Delatorre, MA Gillian Beck van Heemstra, RN Cheryl Zechmann, LCSW