AAHCM values your membership and we hope that you will renew to continue receiving your member benefits.

How to Renew

When your membership is nearing expiration, you will receive reminders to renew via e-mail. When you receive that notice or if you'd like to check your membership status, you can do so online or via phone.

If you are renewing a group membership, please call AAHCM at 855.576.8482.


You can renew your membership by logging into your profile on the AAHCM website and navigating to the Manage Profile page. If you are within your renewal period, a link will appear stating “Renew Your Membership Now” and you can begin the renewal process.

If your membership is suspended and expired, when you try to log into your profile, you will receive the following message, “Your membership has expired! Please submit dues payment immediately to ensure uninterrupted membership.” You can then select the link, “Securely renew your membership now.” This will begin the renewal process.

By Phone

If you would like to renew your membership by telephone or if you are having any trouble renewing online, please call AAHCM at 855.576.8482.