The Effects of Care

HBPC Is Preventive Medicine

This headline from a World Health Organization bulletin says it best: prevention is better than treatment. HBPC provides preventive care support and timely interventions that preempt avoidable emergency department visits and hospitalizations. Underserved patients get access to continuous care and social stressors that contribute to poor health are alleviated. Additionally, home-based primary care achieves better outcomes at lower costs while improving patient satisfaction.

By staying in touch with patients and monitoring and managing their conditions, HBPC professionals can intervene when needed to

  • prevent chronic conditions from getting worse
  • identify and address potential health conditions or other problems that require immediate attention
  • ensure that patients comply with self-care protocols
  • alleviate social stressors that contribute to poor health
  • provide emotional support that lets patients and their families know they’re not alone.

Hear it from the patients and providers benefitting from home-based primary care.

With HBPC, patients who wouldn't otherwise receive primary care are benefitting from the care coming to them. By entering the home, providers are able to understand their patients' needs, deliver optimum care that avoids unnecessary ambulatory care and emergency department visits, and allow patients to age in their own homes. HBPC is a compassionate care solution that patients appreciate and benefit from, and that positively affects the payer's bottom line.

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What is HBPC?

Learn more about the service and why implementing it is the right choice for this patient population.


Download this evidence-based resource to help you establish a need case for your program.

Frequently asked questions about HBPC

Who benefits from HBPC? Are there enough providers? Is HBPC scalable and adaptable? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

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Becoming the Ultimate Health Partner

HBPC programs aren't just good for your bottom line, they create better community-based solutions for chronically ill patients.

Proven Cost Savings, Higher Patient Satisfaction

HBPC improves quality of life for patients and their families, but it has significant financial impact as well.

The Effects of Care

Hear from people benefiting from and delivering HBPC solutions in this video testimonial.